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Better Performance on File Compression

More flexible control options are provided in configuration form to compress Z3 file. Saving big models will cost you nearly no time. Especially, the file size of various formats, like NX, Step and z3 etc., can be reduced by 30% compared with ZW3D 2016.

  • The default save mode – “Save file without display & edge date”
  • “Automatic NURBS data reduction” option can help to reduce the model size which contains non-analytic surface with over 64 ocntrol points.

Upgraded Translator

  • Latest file versions are supported, such as CATIA V5-6R2016, SolidWorks 2016, and much more.
  • More parameters are provided to control imported objects, like PMI objects.


Value-added Equation Manager

New user interface and expanded functionalities make the parametric design more efficient.

  • Easy to define/ edit/ inquire/ manage variables and expressions
  • Supports unit and more variable type
  • Supports excel import and export
  • Provides more functions and constants

Improved Section View

Dynamic section view provides friendlier interaction and meets more application requirements.

  • Dynamic drag handle
  • Real-time preview of section curves
  • Supports direct measurement
  • Redefinable section view
  • Reused by Isometric Section View

New Sketch Block

With sketch block, some plane mechanism motion can be quickly analyzed. More work can be done with ZW3D sketch.

  • A set of block features, such as create/ edit/explode/ insert block etc.
  • Supports rigid block and flexible block
  • Sketch block can be saved as the customized ready sketch.

Enhanced Modeling

  • New extract centerline
  • New physical attributes
  • Customized date format and value precision in 2D drawing


Improved Full Flange and Partial Flange

You can experience intuitive design, flexible parameters and robust function in improved full flange and partial flange features.

  • Intuitive dimension control
  • Various flange length types
  • New control option for S blend
  • Supports close corner
  • Optimized miter flange

Enhanced Swept Flange

All path types are supported by improved swept flange. More sheet metal design can be done.

  • Supports open / closed tangent path
  • Supports open / closed connected path and close corner together
  • Correct unfold result

New Hem Flange

Hem flange is added for hem design. Expanded flange creation can make more different sheet metal parts.

  • Provides all of the necessary pre-defined Hem types
  • Supports the line and arc curve
  • Supports miter hem

New Jog and Improved Fold by Line

More reasonable and efficient fold features are available and new jog feature better suit design technology.

  • Quickly create two bends on a tab from a linear line at one time by new Jog tool.
  • Supports different fold line type, such as reference line

New Editing Tools

Some new editing tools are added to improve design efficiency and meet process requirements.

  • New extend flange tool
  • New bend taper feature
  • New normal cut tool


New Flat Finishing Operation

  • New flat finishing operation can automatically detect all planes and generate tool-path for them at one time, saving the programming time of flat regions up to 50%.
  • Offset 2D and lace pattern are supported in terms of different scenarios for fulfilling request in practice.
  • Easily define the machining regions via planes list and ignore small holes to get your wondering tool-path with just a few simple clicks.

New Form Cutter Engraving

  • Extend the form cutter definition function in tool manager.
  • Both Profile and surface engraving operation are supported, which will be able to create not just 2D but also 3D pattern, for fulfilling most the customer’s request in one shot.
  • Simulation will be supported as well for checking the result intuitively and machine the part with confidence.

New Mill-Turn Simulation

Milling and Turning strategies can be simulated in the same environment, helping users intuitively analyze each manufacturing status to safeguard machining process.

More Enhancements

  • More convenient option – Pith in Ramp-operation will help users to create a proper step-down ramp tool-path easily.
  • Only one-click on the Import-All option in Quick-mill Batch Manager, all the batch calculation of tool-path will be imported in its CAM-plan, greatly simplifying the process.