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Updated Translator-2D Drawing Export

  • Batch export drawing sheets by new “Multi-Export”.
  • New Text output and Multi-sheet export options are added in PDF export
  • New “Export as block for each component” option in DWG export
  • New “Exclude sheet format & table” option to remove text font setting for DWG export



Updated Translator

  • Export OBJ format
  • Import/export layer & object name of IGS/STEP file
  • Imported graphic data (Such as *.3DXML file from Catia, *.cgr, *.xcgm) can be exported as STL file.



New Options for System Configuration

  • New “Maximum entities listed under folder” option
  • New “Load link info of reference objects” option

Link information will be automatically loaded when this option is checked.

File opening speed will slow down, especially for big assembly.

  • New “Inquire result tolerance” setting



New Options for Equation Manager

  • New “Replace Expression” Function

More convenient to replace the variable with a new string, such as other variable/constant

  • New filter type “Feature Dimension”


Improvements on Sketch

  • Reference dimension can be edited directly when the sketch is not well-defined.
  • Sketch symmetric constraint provides direction control.
  • “Text” command provides new “Fit Method” option.



New Features of Assembly

  • New options are added to the right menu of assembly tree

“Regen All Components” and “Hide  Suppressed Components”

  • Remove the “Position” node from assembly tree of Config Table

Components position is stored in assembly config as default

  • “Assembly Hole” auto select intersected components as the target objects
  • “Exploded View Video” provides options to save explosion or collapse process or both.



Upgraded Compare Part

  • Direct select the part from external Z3D files (No need opened first)
  • Multiple windows show the base part, compared part and the combined result.
  • Define the color and transparence
  • Generate the compare report



Other Improvements on Modeling

  • Hidden sketch feature and hidden component can be pre-highlighted
  • “External Part” can directly call Reuse Library
  • Auto hide the object list when reading object from Single-object-per-file



  •  Object visibility can be stored in a custom view.


  • New option on “Separate” to control whether separated filed open or not


  • A base view can be rotated along with XYZ axes by “Rotate View”
  • “Format Printer” supports symbols,such as surface finish and weldment symbol
  • Electrode colour can be set on “Electrode” form
  • Added fastener lib for built-in Library (ISO, GB)
  • 250+ bugs fixed




  • ZW3D 2018 SP supports the latest version of KeyShot.
  • Only Keyshot7 64 bit is supported, since keyshot7 only provides 64 bit version.
  • Click KeyShot icon in ZW3D to update the model from ZW3D to KeyShot.



CAM Improvements

  • Surface feature for QM operation supports Offset normal

Specify different thickness to different surface in the same part

Protect some sharp edges from being damaged



  • Change default helical cut’s approach distance to a reasonable value:



  • Add two new coolant types: “Air” and “Through”



  • Heidenhain 3X post processor supports tool radius compensation function



  • Output “Total Time” in CL data