BobCAD-CAM for Lathe

High Performance CAM Software for CNC Turning Centers

BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS™ software for 2 axis lathe and turning centers makes it easy to set advanced 2 axis toolpaths for OD and ID roughing, finishing, threading, grooving, boring, drilling, and cut offs. This powerful CAM programming software is a complete CNC lathe solution for all of your simple and complex part turning jobs.

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The new BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS™ Lathe Gold Partner CAM solution allows you to apply powerful toolpath operations to your part models right inside of SOLIDWORKS™. Using an intuitive wizard driven interface, you’re able to quickly set up 2 axis machining operations for maximum programming efficiency. Applying multiple machining strategies to a single model feature is made easy with Dynamic Machining Strategies™. You also have access to a realistic machine simulation right inside of BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS™ that allows you to test and confirm your programming before ever cutting a chip.

Features of BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS™ CNC Lathe Software

Canned Cycles

Canned CyclesThe software supports the use of canned cycles, which are used to reduce the size of your NC programs. You’re given the option of posting each feature as separate moves or as canned cycles.

Custom Tool Holder & Inserts

Custom Tool Holder & InsertsEasily define tool profiles with standard tool shape options right inside the BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS™, or draw your custom tool profile to match your exact tool. Toolpath calculations take into consideration custom defined tool holder and insert geometry to avoid costly gouging and eliminate potential air cutting.

Facing, Threading, & Grooving Cycles

Facing, Threading, & Grooving CyclesFacing, threading, and grooving cycles are supported on the OD and ID and can be posted as separate moves or as canned cycles.

Collision Detection

Collision DetectionThe new BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS™ software takes into account tool holder and insert geometry when analyzing programming for collisions to ensure you’re creating error free programming.